There is a massive flock of Pink Flamingos headed this way!!


These poor giant pink flamingos are tired and need a place to rest.  Can you help them find a home for 72 hours?  With your $20 flocking donation these poor birds can land in your friend or neighbors front yard with a sign letting them know they have been flocked.  We will also provide them a letter letting them know that you helped the hoard of flamingos find a safe place to rest.

Your friend can have an "Emergency Flocking Technician" remove the flock early for only $10, but they may choose to retaliate by flocking you too.

Anti Flocking insurance is available for $10 as well and will protect you from the massive hoard of pink flamingos!

All proceeds from our flocking event are donated through the Fallen Hero Network and Marina at Rockport LLC to the Utah 1033 Foundation in support of Fallen Police Officers and their survivors in conjuction with our annual Party for A Hero Event.


Flockings will begin the first week of April and continue until there are no more safe places for the hoard to land!

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