9.11 National Rolling Memorial Exhibit

The Fallen Hero Network is proud to have had the opportunity to be instrumental in working to facilitate the contacts and logistics of getting the 9.11 World Trade Center replica created by Daan van der Steijn from Europe to the United States of America.

We were able to work through contacts at the Pentagon to identify ARC Shipping and coordinate their assistance.  ARC Shipping delivered this amazing creation to the Port of Galveston where the tractor trailer known as HERO 1 picked up the exhibit and safely transported it to Salt Lake City, UT.  

Through partnership with HVMC Transportation LLC the exhibit was transported to its first six scheduled destinations safely and in a sponsored truck that has become an icon of patriotism, pride, and healing.  We are glad that we were able to effect this transportation at less than half of what it would have otherwise cost.

Our services to the exhibit and the organization that it has been placed on loan to have ended, however, it was an honor to support Daan and all of our nations first responders and citizens in this opportunity to remember.