The Fallen Hero Network is dedicated to assisting agencies during any line of duty death of a police officer, fire fighter, or military service member.  In addition, we provide support to the survivors in a multitude of ways.  Finally, we strive to ensure the legacy and memory of our fallen heroes is never lost to time through our annual events. 



​​We are available for call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Line of Duty Death service requests

Phone:  385-313-7891


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Register to win one of two AR-15 Rifles.  $25 per entry!

1st Rifle is a basic AR-15 Value - $500



Flag of the fallen

On 9/11/2019 The Fallen Hero Network, in cooperation with House Representetive Lee Perry secured a United States Flag which was flown over the Utah State Captiol.  The Honor Guard who flew that flag was comprised of a member of the United State Army, representing our Federal Forces, a member of the Utah Highway Patrol, representing State Law Enforcement, a member of the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office, representing County Law Enforcement, and a member of the South Salt Lake City Police Department, representing Municipal Law Enforcement.

Subsequently this flag was dedicated by declaration of the Govenor and Lt. Govenor of the State of Utah as the "Utah Flag of the Fallen."  This flag remains in the custody of the Fallen Hero Network and is available to any Law Enforcement, Fire, or Military agency within the State of Utah in the event of a Line of Duty Death for ceremonies and to honor our states fallen heroes.


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