The Fallen Hero Network provides support, resource, and logistical services to any agency who submits an official request for service.

All requests are evaluated and prioritized based on current and forecast obligations, immediacy of the need, and capabilities of the organization.

Assistance for Line of Duty death requests are always top priority and will be answered without cost to any agency or family who requests service.


The Fallen Hero Network is proud to have been involved in the coordination and transportation of the National 9/11 World Trade Center Exhibit created by Daan van der Seijn from the Netherlands.  This exhibit has been placed on loan temporarily to another organization, and we were fortunate enough to be able to provide transportation of the exhibit in hour memorial truck provided by HVMC Transportation from the Port of Galveston to destinations in Utah, Nevada, and Phoenix.  Special thanks to Daan for sharing your amazing creation with the United States for a short time.   


On 9/11/2019 A singular United States Flag was flown over the Utah State Capitol building in remembrance and honor of each Utah Fallen First Responder.  This flag was identified as the "UTAH FLAG OF THE FALLEN" with help from State Representative Lee Perry and by decree of Governor Gary Herbert and remains in the care, custody, and control of the Utah Fallen Hero Network.  While it was hoped the flag would never be needed to honor another fallen hero, sadly, this flag has draped the bodies of recent Fallen Heroes, and stands ready to continue to honor those you place themselves in harms way.