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National Hall Of Heroes Tour

The National Hall of Heroes Tour is a long term initiative of the Fallen Hero Network established through cooperation of multiple sponsors and donors.  Upon initiation of the tour we will visit all 48 Lower states to allow the public to come honor and remember the sacrifices and lives lost on 9/11 and in the ensuing 20 year Global War on Terrorism.

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The National Hall of Heroes Memorial will be a fully self contained semi truck based mobile exhibit.  Through the help and efforts of some of the most creative people we know this exhibit will be an interactive submersive exhibit where the general public will be invited to tour and experience history in a way that will let invoke memories and emotions felt 20 plus years ago.  Equally important will be the ability for those who did not experience the events of 9/11the opportunity to live a piece of that history that will provide an understanding and appreciation that can never be gained from text books or videos alone.


Incorporated into this memorial will be a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable scale replica of the entire World Trade Center as it was before the tragic events of 9/11.  At the request of its owner and creator Dann van der Steijn, who lives and built the replica in the Netherlands this amazing work of art will be on display and part of the exhibit for the entire Nation to see.  The Fallen Hero Network while assisting another organization in 2021 was about to leverage contacts through the Department of the Airforce and the Pentagon to assist in having an international ocean shipping line transport this precious cargo from the Netherlands to the Port of Galveston, where the Fallen Hero Network transported the exhibit by truck (shown above) To Salt Lake City Utah for that organizations use.  Two years later the work of art is back with the Fallen Hero Network so that the entire nation can see it and remember that 9/11 was not just an attack on the United States, but rather the entire world.