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Through partnership with HVMC Transportation LLC the Fallen Hero Network has created a fleet of memorial themed tractor trailers that are available for private and charitable events nation wide.

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Honor 13 is the unit designated to honor the 13 United States Military Service members who gave their lives in the evacuation of Afghanistan during the drawn down and final days of the Global War on Terrorism.  Scheduled for events which will specifically honor these 13 Heroes and their families this trailer is a dignified reminder for all who see it of the cost of Freedom.


Defender 1 is the unit designated to honor all of our men and women in military service.  With representations depicting each branch of the armed forces at the time of creation this unit is an inspiring and attention-grabbing memorial.  We have even had passersby see the truck and stop for picture only to shed a few tears during the encounter.

Defender 1_edited.jpg
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Hero 1 is the unit designated to be the broadest and most generalized memorial to all of our nations heroes. IT pays homage to Police, Fire, and Military personnel while also incorporating representations and images of 9/11, Lady Liberty, and even images that have extremely symbolic meaning. Hero 1 Iis known and recognized internationally!