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The Cost of Freedom

This is an educational program designed for schools or private organizations operated by the Fallen Hero Network.  This is an onsite presentation that will educate and inspire youth and adults alike.  This program is available nationwide and can be booked by contacting the Fallen Hero Network directly.

Speaker in front of a Crowd


This educational presentation is a nonpolitical history-based presentation that covers the History of our Nations Flag and the costs associated with it.  This is a first responder recognition-oriented presentation that will give participants a new and more in depth understanding on what the flag means, what it provides, and who is responsible for safeguarding those freedoms.  Participants are not only actively engaged but the unique method of presentation keeps participants attentive and interested in the subject matter.


The Cost of Freedom Presentation is suitable for all ages and can be formatted to fit any specific group or organization.  Depending of the selected format the presentation is either a one-hour presentation or a two-hour presentation which will include select partner speakers.  We love bringing this presentation to the following types of organizations.

  • Schools (elementary through Secondary Education)

  • Private Non-Profit Organization Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Special Events & Community Events

  • First Responder Events

  • Military Units

American War Cemetery