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The Fallen Hero Network is not competitive in nature, but rather seeks and responds to requests for sponsorship and support from other organizations.  We identify organizations doing things that align with our missions and goals and support them through sponsorships and strategic alliances to further their missions and capabilities thereby maximizing their potential and reach without duplicating services.

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Ongoing Partnerships

Our ongoing strategic partnerships are executed to provide ongoing support and exposure to organizations and programs that provide continued support and resources to our first responder community and the families of first responders who have given their lives in the line of duty.  These partnerships have national impact and serve communities both large and small.

Organizations seeking a partnership/sponsorship opportunity are thoroughly vetted and must adhere to very strict guidelines to be eligible for support and resources from the Fallen Hero Network.  Additionally, their missions and goals must align with the Fallen Hero Network and must not be politically motivated or affiliated.


Sponsorships for special events are available.  Vetted organizations who wish to include the Fallen Hero Network in their events may request a sponsorship.  We work closely with these organizations to aid in the success of their events and provide logistical and other forms support as needed.