What We Do

We are a multifaceted organization focused on a singular goal, Supporting First Responders and Military Personnel.  To that end we provide services in a multitude of ways to these groups.

Line Of Duty Deaths

While never a pleasant duty, we will assist any first responder agency in the event they experience a line of duty death.  In doing so we call on our network members who can provide immediate low cost or free services in these situations to simplify and ease the enormous burden of dealing with a traumatic event like this.  There is no limitation to the service we will provide in these situations.

Flag of The Fallen

As requested we will provide the Utah Flag of The Fallen for use during any line of duty death at no charge.  We will transport that flag escorted by the Utah Highway Patrol anywhere within the State of Utah at a moments notice.  Additionally the Utah Flag of the Fallen is available for Civic Events and educational opportunities in schools and other appropriate settings.

United States Honor Flag

While we are not a part of The United State Honor Flag, we work very closely with them.  In the event of a Line of Duty death, as requested, we will make immediate and direct contact with USHF and coordinate the transport and delivery of the USHF to honor our Fallen Hero.

Fund Raising Events

We host and assist other organizations with fund raising efforts and events that directly support first responders and their families


We are happy to support other organizations.  We have proudly worked with multiple organizations on a State and National level and will continue to do so to further the missions of these and other organizations which serve our nations first responders, veterans, and their families.


Through one of our Network Partners, HVMC Transportation LLC, we are able to assist in Truck Load logistics.  If your organization is responding to an emergency need for supplies of relief products that you are sending to another location reach out and lets see what we can do to support your cause.  Examples of items that qualify for this type of assistance are recent donations of PPE and Relief supplies collected but the UT FOP and sent back east to aide first responders or the transport of supplies for first responders affected by natural disaster.

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The Fallen Hero Network is a Utah Based Limited Liability Company that operates specifically to support non-profit and charitable organizations