Utah Flag of the Fallen

The Utah Flag of the Fallen is available to educational institutions, government agencies, and other organizations for events and ceremonies.  In addition organziations may request the Fallen Hero Network give an educational presentation about the purpose and significance of the flag.  These presentations are designed to cross generational, political and ethnic divides, bring people together and develop a common sense of pride in our flag, nation, and the diversity that makes our great nation what it is, while at the same time honoring and recognizing the significant sacrafices made under this flag.

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We Are Here To Help!

In the event of a Line of Duty Death for your agency we are available to assist in any way we can.  Often times we will reach out to you before you reach out to us.  From coordination of events, food donations, transportation assistance and logistics, we have many resources at our disposal to help your agency through this time.

Additionally we have a Uniformed Ceremonial Honor Guard which will assist in standing vigil over the body of your member through the duration of this event, assist in escorts, and any other ceremony you request.

In addition to our respected and professional Honor Guards we also have "Honor One" our ceremonial and memorial vehicle equipped with lighting and graphics to honorably represent your loss and the legacy and importance of all of our Fallen Heroes.  We can provide this vehicle and operator for static use at vigils and remembrance ceremonies, as well as, escorts, precessions, and motorcades.


Our Bylaws limit service to Line of Duty Deaths Only for the following;

Law Enforcement (Local, State, Federal), Fire Service (Local, State, Federal), Military Personnel (Guard and Reserve while on active orders) killed in the line of duty by the actions of another.

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